Cleanse & Detox Benefits

We hear ads, discussions and recommendations to do a cleanse or detox program and you might be wondering, what is it and why would I consider doing one? A cleanse is one component of a Detox Program which could include things such as fitness/exercise promoting sweat, nutrition changes, supplementation, and always increased hydration with healthy water.

USANA Health Sciences has created a detoxifying program called RESET which balances the bodies need for carbs, fats and  proteins. The benefit of this program begins with a 5 Day Cleanse which gives the digestive system an important break and your weight management a Jumpstart. RESET helps to reduce cravings, release body fat and is diabetic safe as it balances the glycemic index while minimizing insulin spikes. For those wanting to continue releasing body fat and/or pounds there is a Transform phase, and then a Maintain phase. Martin walks the walk with this program as he does a 5 Day Cleanse every 3 months and the Maintain phase throughout the year to remain lean and healthy inside and out!

Additional benefits of a cleanse include boosts to your energy, ridding the body of excess waste, strengthening the immune system and clearer thinking. Is improved health a New Year’s Resolution? If so, consider calling Jan and Martin about ordering a RESET kit to have a great 5 day cleanse ready to kick the New Year off right.