About Martin Mills

In addition to being an amazing husband, Martin is also fabulous with all things related to nutrition, golf and fitness!

He is a competitive golfer that has won numerous tournaments in Canada and the USA, not the least of which was the 2010 USGTF Seniors Championship (United States Golf Teachers Federation) in Vegas!

As a golf coach, he has helped amateur and pros with their short game and for many years he was certified as an AimPoint Green Reading Instructor as well as a Golf Fitness Instructor with the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). Club Repair and fitting are also certifications that he carries along with being a Fit2Aim Putter Specialist.

Nutritional health has been an important support to his training and performance. He’s certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer through canfitpro and was a specialist in Nutrition & Weight Loss with them. Like more than 700 elite and Olympic athletes, Martin and Jan trust their health to the products from USANA Health Sciences. His personal program emphasizes weight management, maximizing energy support along with reduction of inflammation that often accompanies injuries and osteoarthritis.

His passion for fitness and personal wellness have been a valuable asset to his own game as well as a golf coach for other golfers and athletes.


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