EXCERPT FROM: LIFE CHOICES – Pursuing your Passion

“My Journey to Wellness on the Cranium-to-Cardio Causeway”

By Jan Mills

 “Life is a journey, complete with detours, points of interest, bumpy roads, and some jet speed travel, too. I’ve travelled north to points beyond the Arctic Circle, south to Australia, and to Europe and Asia, but the furthest and most important journey I’ve travelled, and continue to travel, is an inner voyage from my head to my heart. I call it the cranium to cardio causeway.

As a result of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1986, I’m passionate about…………

EDITORS NOTE: More about the book-

Successful people make themselves successful. They have goals, dreams, desires wants, needs and passion.

The more you can imagine achieving your goals, the greater the likelihood of success.

People with passion have a sense of purpose and meaning. They are achieving their goals.

In this book, twenty-six co-authors from around the world have come together to bring you insight and wisdom that will help you discover new possibilities and take you to new levels of success

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