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Our decades of research exploring different options helped us determine the companies, products and services we are most drawn to. There are so many options to choose between and we hope to empower you with the tools and resources you need to make informed decisions and achieve your health goals and potential. There are other companies and approaches we recognize, and our personal recommendations are as follows:

USANA Health Sciences − After extensively researching numerous lines of nutritional supplements, weight management and skin care products, we personally use and recommend the products manufactured by USANA. They comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and voluntarily manufacture products to pharmaceutical standards that have been recognized as the gold standard for decades. Those quality levels greatly exceed the “food standards” most other brands follow. It’s the brand chosen by thousands of Olympic and professional athletes, whose careers depend on its purity and potency. USANA’s products are recommended by numerous health professionals, and featured often on the Dr. Oz Show. We would be happy to share the independent research that has selected USANA as the top choice throughout the world, as well as answer any questions you might have about their products. (See Jan and Martin’s USANA website)


Sanoviv Medical Institute – A world class, licensed, state of the art hospital with hand-chosen specialists who work together as a team while providing a holistic approach to health care. People travel from all over the world to receive treatment and healing at this cutting edge hospital, that feels more like a five star hotel & health spa.  Over the past two decades, Jan has assisted numerous people in choosing a program at Sanoviv that has transformed their lives.  If you have serious health concerns or want to maintain your current level of exceptional wellness, ask Jan about the incredible things she has witnessed, and how she and Martin have benefited from Sanoviv. As a longtime USANA representative and certified Sanoviv Health & Nutrition advisor representative, Jan personally supports people in their research and recommends you call her to discuss options.



Thorp Institute/Intelligent Bioenergetics – Over the past 20 years, Jan and Martin have been introduced to many unique treatment and healing methods at Sanoviv Medical Institute. Among the most outstanding healing and pain-management equipment they experienced are the Thorp certified electrotherapy equipment called the Electro-Acuscope and Electro-Myopulse machines. The results were so significant that Jan & Martin purchased the equipment for personal use, and then a few years later, were both certified by the Thorp Institute as technicians to assist others. The two pieces of equipment were recently combined into one, and called the Thorp Equiscope which Jan and Martin are also sales representatives of the equipment and training program. This technology has benefited many people as well as animals too – injured thoroughbred race-horses and trainers are using the latest Equiscope equipment. Imagine the joy of rehabilitating equine athletes to go on and win professional horse races again! 

John Thorp & Jan Mills
Equiscope purchased by Jenny from Jan
Jenny & Jan with the Equiscope

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