Our gift to you…

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My husband Martin and I know that making choices about your health can be overwhelming (to say the least!) We have something that can help. The True Health Assessment (link above) is a free, cutting edge health assessment that provides you with a personalized approach to measuring your health and offers real-life solutions to help you improve your lifestyle and nutrition. After answering the online questionnaire, you will receive three customized reports on key health risks, lifestyle suggestions and nutritional recommendations.  When you complete it, I will offer a consultation to help you understand and apply the recommendations in your True Health Assessment.  Please enjoy our gift of a True Health Assessment – we hope you choose to TAKE THE TEST!


USANA Health Sciences has created a detoxifying program called RESET which balances the bodies need for carbs, fats and proteins. The benefit of this program begins with a 5 Day Cleanse which gives the digestive system an important break. RESET helps to reduce cravings, release body fat and is diabetic safe as it balances the glycemic index while minimizing insulin spikes. For those wanting to continue releasing body fat and/or pounds there is a Transform phase and then a Maintain phase. Martin walks the walk with this program as he does a 5 Day Cleanse every 3 months and the Maintain phase throughout the year to remain lean and healthy inside and out!  Check out the video below for an explanation of the  RESET program and I encourage you to phone me to discuss your goals and order your products to get you started on creating a new you!

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