Health Coach

As a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Advisor, Jan’s guidance will illuminate a new path full of potential and possibility.  She coaches clients on how to care for the body, feel better, increase energy, create a desired weight and most importantly, balance and build the health of the digestive, immune  and central nervous systems.

Well Being

Certified in Pain Management and Stress Reduction, Jan  supports individuals in achieving a higher quality of life using the various modalities she has researched and found helpful over the past few decades. If your desire is to reduce stress or pain, speak with Jan about your concerns. She has inspired change with individuals, companies and non-profits to move from surviving, to truly thriving. 

Speaker & Corporate Wellness

Valuing yourself as a business owner, your team as key contributing individuals and your corporate social responsibility in the community requires work/life balance. Jan understands both sides and can help coach you to corporate wellness that may result in increased  productivity, decreased sick days, greater retention and lead to multiple bottom line success for all your stakeholders! 

or call / text 250-878-7900 to schedule your introductory session with Jan