Pain Management with Electro-Equiscope


The Electro-Equiscope (Equiscope) is one of the many approaches to Pain Management that Jan has researched personally and professionally.

The Equiscope comfortably delivers a highly advanced and targeted form of microcurrent to affected areas of the body through the use of small plates or probes placed on the skin’s surface. Supporting the body at the cellular and neurological level, the Equiscope can deliver results like pain relief, accelerated recovery, improved circulation, optimized performance, detoxification, and more. It is so relaxing and safe that people sometimes fall asleep during a session.

She was certified by John Thorp and the Thorp Institute in 2007 as a technician working with humans (vs equine certification). She is also a Sales Representative and has sold the equipment along with an extensive training package, to numerous individuals and professionals in the US as well as Canada.

Contact Jan on her cell ph at 250.878.7900 to discuss your concerns and book an appointment to schedule a personal session or receive details on purchasing it.