Jan – The Health Coach:

“Because I missed the Olympics from getting sick, I started reading everything I could find about nutrition and I came across USANA Health Sciences.  I was extremely skeptical when I first looked at it because I had tried so many different products over the years. I set my skepticism aside and I decided to commit six months to trying the products-realistically I thought, what do I have to loose. One of the biggest things is that they really worked for me…I would not have my Olympic medal if it was not for this company. So that’s why I strongly urge you, if you haven’t talked to Jan yet, ake sure you get in touch with her and find out how USANA might be able to make a difference in your life.

Jason Parker, Olympic Silver Medalist.

“Jan is insightful and I’m grateful for her gift of patience while communicating with seniors like my mom. I recommend Jan as a highly effective coach for anyone looking to improve their health.”

Wendy & Gertrude Majewski

Jan – The Speaker:

“After a recent Customer Service Training, one employee at the Rosedale on Robson said “after working with the Hyatt and Westin Hotels, the training Jan gave was more informative and motivational than any of the other trainings I have been a part of.”

James D. Miller – General Manager, The Rosedale on Robson Suite Hotel
Rosedale on Robson Suite Hotel Testimonial

“When we requested Jan to speak at a health convention dinner we sponsored, our business objectives were to inspire, educate, and motivate our audience of nearly 1000 international conference delegates. Jan achieved all three objectives with charm and humor that was not only on point, but on time. The audience reaction included roaring laughter, standing applause and focused silence during her speech. The results and presentation were exactly what we hoped for.”

Sanoviv Medical Institute

“The workshops and speeches Jan Mills presented at Mesa View Hospital provided compelling information in a highly professional manner. It exceeded our expectations and left the audience wanting more. Many of the audience members purchased Jan’s upcoming book so that they could “take a piece of her home with them!” We’re looking forward to the next opportunity to have her speak here again as an encore performance.”

Jan Sullivan – Mind/Body/Spirit Program Facilitator, Mesquite, Nevada

“Apart from being very capable and pleasant to work with, Jan ensures her clients receive maximum value for their expenditure.”

John Chesman – M.C.L. Motor Cars/Jaguar/Porsche/Bentley/Range Rover/Aston Martin

“We’ve (CBC Radio) had a number of calls from people interested in your story.  You’re obviously making an impression and a real difference in peoples lives.  Thank you.”

Marion Barschel – Host of CBC’s Daybreak

“I have had the privilege of attending both lectures and workshops conducted by Jan. She  caught my attention immediately with her ability to grasp the pulse of her audience and to tailor her message specifically to them. She articulates beautifully  and moves efficiently through her  process with humor, rhythm and sensitivity.”

Reverend Dr. Casey J. Gryba – International Centres for Spiritual Living

“You have just redefined Above & Beyond”

Toni Clark – Canadian Cancer Society & Agur Lake Camp Society