RESULTS: Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency- Venoplasty Procedure date: April 12, 2010 (my Thanksgiving Day!)   My results are listed below- please contact me for more updates.

Jan’s Jugular vein before and after CCSVI procedure


April 2012 

It has been an amazing two years since the Neuro Repair Program with the CCSVI procedure at Sanoviv.  I’m grateful to still be feeling the benefits and especially thrilled that during a recent trip to Sanoviv to celebrate my birthday, I chose to have another Doppler Ultrasound scan of my jugular veins to see how things looked.The great news is that they have actually improved since the timeof the procedure – the right vein is still flowng wonderfully and the left vein appears to have improved as a result of the treatementon the right vein!  Needless to say, that was a great birthday gift too!

 July 20, 2011

It has been a very busy few months since the book launch.  If you haven’t checked it out, see my link on the website homepage for Life Choices: Pursuing Your Passion . It’s a book with 26 inspirational authors and I’m one of them!  My chapter is called “Journey to Wellness on the Cranium to Cardio Causeway.”  Bet you can guess what that’s about?  Besides the book launch and the speaking tour, I’ve also been busy having fun! Last week I joined my husband and two other friends for a round of golf – 18 holes on a championship course!! Of course, I took a golf cart, but it was a blast to be out there with Martin and our friends.  The muscles were a little sore the next few days and I’ve been riding on a recumbant bike to get my legs used to movement again.  Life is great.

May 24, 2011
A few weeks ago I celebrated my one year anniversary of the CCSVI procedure I had done at Sanoviv. The celebration included a romantic gluten-free meal at a favorite restaurant at home in British Columbia followed by a sunset walk with my husband along the waterfront of Okanagan Lake. I couldn’t have imagined that as an option a year ago and I wept with gratitude as we sat on a park bench – this is what liberation feels like. Sure, it’s not a cure but it’s a pretty incredible improvement in the lifestyle limitations I was forced to accept as my mobility dwindled – being able to drive and walk is such a gift that I do not take for granted.

I’m also especially proud of the results that I’ve been a part of in seeing such a significant stability in my condition after the CCSVI procedure – the statistics of restenosis worldwide are VERY different from the low percentage that Sanoviv has observed. Some people might ask is there something different about the procedure they’re doing? I think not – it’s the program that accompanies the procedure that I believe makes the difference. I have been diligent about following the lifestyle changes that were recommended – that’s information I’m happy to share with other – if you’d like to know more, please email me with your contact info and I’ll get back to you. In the interim, I’m celebrating the gift of freedom that each day brings!

January 15, 2011
Happy New Year and 2011 feels like heaven! I’m back at our snowbird vacation spot where I spent last winter in a wheelchair.  Now this winter has been completely different with a very active physical therapy component at the Recreation Center, a completely different emotional feeling of hope and enthusiasm and a fulfilling spiritual component with a new spiritual group I helped to start in our city. November through January has focused on a tonne of mental exercise with a magazine interview that will be published at the end of this month.  Also, I’ve written a chapter for a book about the CCSVI experieince – that book launch will happen in March – stay tuned with this website for more details and order form.   As a birthday gift, I’ve given myself a writer’s cruise that I’ll be going on with Louise Hay’s writers including Dr Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Caroline Myss, Sonia Choquette and more – oops I’m name dropping and I’m excited to be capable of travelling on my own again!

October 24, 2010
Went to Sanoviv for my 6 month followup appointment – the doctors, surgeons and entire team were as thrilled with the results as I have been – everything looks great and I’m continuing to feel better each day.  It was very fulfilling to see so many guests there for the CCSVI program.  I loved chatting with the folks who had just arrived and others who were already celebrating their liberation – I will be working with many of them as a coach for their nutritional medicine follow-up.  I feel confident that this is a critical part of maintaining the success of the procedure and supporting the cells in our bodies and am honoured to be educating others about the Sanoviv nutritional supplement recommendations.  For more info, just drop me a quick note on this to protect your investment and your body.

October 5, 2010
My husband Martin and I participated in a one week program in Vail, Colorado for people diagnosed with MS and their partners.  It was created in honor of Jimmy Huega and is called MS CAN DO.  It was a very good informational program with some excellent peer support opportunities.

September 11, 2010 update:
I just played in an 18 hole golf tournament yesterday with my husband Martin.  It was fabulous to be a part of the fundraising event and to be such a surprise to many people that hadn’t seen me for years and to be feeling strong through the entire tournament and the banquet in the evening.

It felt like a visual confirmation for me and others of the ongoing “Liberation” the procedure has been in my life.  I’m so grateful to Dr. Zamboni and Dr. Wentz at Sanoviv Medical Institute.

July 31, 2010 update:
Not only am I back to driving my car again, now I’m driving a golf ball too – it’s fun to return to golf now that my balance has improved and my back pain has also reduced. Next is training for the RONA MS Bike Tour: riding a tandem bike with a local VIP!

June 7, 2010 update:
The benifits of the CCSVI procedure continue to improve.  As I am nearing my two month post procedure follow up,  I thought I would give you an update on a few more (Liberating Results).

After one and a half years being unable to drive my car, when I returned home from Sanoviv I was able to re-insure my vehicle and am VERY greatful to have the freedom to come and go when and where I choose. Driving feels synonamous with independance.

Now that my energy level has increased so significantly I have the interest and stanima to begin new exercise programs such as pilates and am wearing a pedometer to monitor the number of steps I take every day. Now that I am no longer using a cane I have been averaging 2500 independant steps daily.

At a recent speaking engagement I was able to remain standing for one hour and mingle with audience members after without discomfort to my back and legs.

To read “What I did on my CCSVI Healing Vacation” click this link, choose the June 2010 edition and go to pg 5. 

Some of the earlier results included the following:

1.Before: Hands, Fingers & Feet were almost completely numb and thick feeling.

After: Significant increase in feeling in my palms, fingers and feet with dexterity in both

Lifestyle Result: Drinking glass with condensation no longer slips through my grip as well as more accuracy in typing now that I can feel the keys on my computer. Handling pills such as each small Usana capsule or flipping through a magazine are now possible. When I walk on the lawn in front of Sanoviv overlooking the ocean, I can actually feel the grass below my feet.

2. Before: Ankles & Toes were stiff & limited in movement resulting in “tin soldier” walking style

After: Able to flex/stretch my feet and stand on my toes

Lifestyle Result:  Able to reach up to items beyond my height and do heal/toe rolling walk – also able to safely return to driving a car and now I can tap my feet to music.

3. Before: Walking was either limited to walker/cane or restricted to wheelchair – leg weakness and lack of coordination made driving a car or golf cart unsafe and impossible.

After: Able to walk independently without the use of a wheelchair, walker or cane and safely drive a car or golf cart

Lifestyle Result: Independence by ability to walk or drive myself wherever & whenever I choose.

4. Before: Turning my Head even slightly to the Left caused dizziness & room spins

After: Woke up the morning after the procedure and was able to look out the window on my left side and see dolphins swimming in the waves in front of Sanoviv – absolutely no dizziness

Lifestyle Result: Able to return to driving now that I can shoulder check without fear of pinching blocked jugular vein

5. Before: Speech pace was very slow and restricted in pace/vocabulary – limitation in speeches

After: In the recovery room my husband and physician noticed an accelerated pace and fluidity with my conversation

Lifestyle Result:  More dynamic and compelling as a professional speaker & health coach

6. Before: Fatigue was overwhelming and felt like I was moving and thinking through “quick sand” in the afternoon and evenings. Exercise was something I avoided or dreaded.

After: Energy level is significantly increased and I feel as the “brain fog” has lifted

Lifestyle Result: Enthusiastic about my day with clear thinking and stamina to last throughout the day that includes a favourite exercises such as swimming and soon golfing again.


My only challenge now will be pacing myself with the new increase in mobility, strength and flexibility.

Please drop me a note with any questions along with your phone number and time zone or you can telephone Sanoviv directly. For more information, contact Sanoviv and please be sure to mention my name and give this referral code JM100172.  You can telephone their admissions department on their toll-free line 1-800-sanoviv which is  (1-800-726.6848) or 801.954.7600. The contact list has begun building and I encourage you to get your name in as early as possible.  Be sure to ask to be placed on the “Jan Mills Treatment” contact list so that they can contact you with further details asap as one of my referrals!

If you are unfamiliar with CCSVI and the initial research done by Dr. Paulo Zamboni in Italy Click Here to view a video about The Liberation Treatment

I encourage you to make Sanoviv part of your health plan.  I’m glad I did!

In good health and gratitude,

Jan Mills


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